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Sync Outlook with Google

Sync Outlook with Google

gSyncing enables you to synchronize your Outlook calendar and contacts with your Google account and other supported services like smartphones and tablets running on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, etc.

If you have a Google account you certainly know its benefits. Google services are available by default on mobile devices like Android, iOS or Windows Phone smartphones and tablets and on desktop platforms like PC or MAC via browsers. Your contacts and calendars are automatically synchronized between all devices. However, neither Google nor Microsoft provide a service to sync your data with your favorite email client - Microsoft Outlook. Google discontinued its Calendar Sync tool in August 2014 and the old API interface on November 17, 2014. Many third-party sync tools also stopped working because of these changes.

Key features

gSyncing is fully compliant with the new Google API platform and is therefore future safe.

gSyncing supports Outlook versions 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 32- and 64-bit.

Easy to use interface.

Using of arbitrary Outlook profiles and Google accounts.

One- and two-way syncing of arbitrary selected calendars and contacts folders.

Multi-user support allows you to use shared Google calendars and contacts in a team.

Automatically sync items on a regular time interval.

Automatically detect duplicate items when syncing.

Date filter for calendar entries in Outlook.

Timezone support of events in Outlook and in Google calendars

Sync options to control how and what you want to sync.



gSyncing gSyncing

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  • by Anonymous

    Nice lightweight app for syncing Google calendar and contacts.
    Nice lightweight app for syncing Google calendar ...   More